Simulation Workshop

November 1 - 4, 2020 | Virtual

Simulation Workshop

Sunday, November 1, 2020
8:00am - 4:00pm


Simulation Workshop*


This highly participative one-day workshop will guide cross-functional Pulp & Paper Mill Managers, Process Engineers and  Area Superintendents through “hands-on” simulation-based exercises. Participants will better understand the value that simulation and “digital twin” technology can bring to their operations.

A specific pulp & paper area will be chosen for a model building exercise using the ANDRITZ IDEAS software. The participant will be guided in building a simple steady-state model of the area. The participant will then convert the steady-state model into a dynamic (time-dependent) model which will include process control elements. These exercises will provide the participants with a clear picture of how simulation models can provide value for steady-state design, dynamic design validation, control system check-out, and operator training. The participants will also import/export values to/from the model into an Excel spreadsheet. This exercise will illustrate to the participant how plant data imported from the plant historian can be sent to the model and valuable information about the plant exported from the IDEAS model.

Our Digital Twin product manager will demonstrate to the participants how the simulation model could be further leveraged into an “On-Line Digital Twin” by connecting it to a live plant DCS and solving the current state of the plant using live plant inputs. The solution generates highly relevant information such as Key Performance Indicators (Production, Capacity Utilization, etc), Virtual Transmitters and also guides operations by predicting the future performance of the plant.


* Registered workshop attendees are required to bring their own laptop.  Prior to the workshop, attendees will be sent software installation and licensing instructions. Software installation on attendee machines may require admin privileges and working with the company IT department.




Renee Roesel

Renee Rosesel

Manager, Software Training and Support


Ms. Renee Roesel has a BS in Chemical Engineering from Georgia Tech. Her Masters work from MIT focused on numerical methods and systems engineering. Ms. Roesel joined ANDRITZ in September 2012. As a senior simulation engineer, she develops models and works on operator training systems to incorporate the model with plant DCS and operator screens for a real-time dynamic plant simulator experience. She also has had a role in the Simulation Support Team for IDEAS software since 2013 and became the Team Manager and Lead in September 2015. She has constructed models and managed delivery of projects in the Pulp and Paper industry, Potash industry, Oils Sands industry, and Mineral Processing industry. She has been Assistant and Lead Trainer for IDEAS 101 training courses, and has delivered several “Train the Trainer” courses that are provided for the plant training simulator leads.

Tanaji Mali - Andritz
Tanaji Mali

Product Manager, IDEAS Digital Twin


Mr. Mali joined ANDRITZ in Dec 2006. He holds a Masters degree in Chemical Engineering and has more than thirteen years of process modeling and simulation experience. His expertise covers a wide range of simulation applications including on-line Digital Twin implementation, process design validation, operator training simulators, and control system checkout for the Pulp and Paper, Mining, Power, and Oil Sands verticals. Currently Tanaji leads the Automation Division’s Digital Twin application development and innovation. The role involves customer-centric solution development by close communication between a team of simulation engineers, process experts and software developers.